Deposits, rescheduling, cancellations, no-show.

A deposit is required to book and reserve your appointment. The deposits are always non-refundable and the sum can differ between projects.

The deposit amount will be taken off the total price of your tattoo.

The deposit includes the time reserved for the appointment, communication time + efforts, plus the time spent designing/drawing. It is also used as compensation in case of a late reschedule, no-show or cancellation.

In case of timely rescheduling your appointment, you may take the deposit to the new date. 

Deposits are non-transferable between different people.

The deposit needs to be received within 48 hours (2 days) of receiving the booking message/email. After this time, the appointed date will not be reserved anymore.

An appointment date is never confirmed without a deposit.

If you decide to not want an appointment/tattoo anymore after paying the deposit, thus cancelling your appointment, the deposit will not be transferred back.

Rescheduling too late after given the opportunity to do so, results in losing the deposit. You will be required to transfer a new one to make a new appointment.

If you are 15+ minutes late to your appointment, the appointment might have to be rescheduled. We ask you to not show up too early to the appointment, but to leave timely to avoid any delays.

If you do not show up to your appointment the deposit will be kept as compensation for the effort, time spent and reservation of the artists' time. You will be required to pay the full amount before being able to make a new appointment.

Multiple reschedules/cancellations or a no show might get you blacklisted from making new appointments.

The above also applies to any retouch appointments. If you do not show up or are late, the retouch will require a fee.

Can I bring someone to my appointment?

It is possible to bring a +1 if discussed. Keep in mind the studio is not very big and we prefer a 1:1 consultation and appointment for the sake of concentration and a calm workspace.

Why is there no phone number available?

We prefer taking time to read your message carefully and replying through text on our terms and opening times. Hence no phone number or Whatsapp contact. You can contact us at any time by email.

What is your pricing like?

Pricing fully depends on the subject matter, size, placement, time taken for the appointment, etcetera and is subject to change at any time. You are always welcome to inform about pricing where we will give you an estimate.

What is a flash tattoo?

A flash tattoo is a pre-made design, which cannot be changed. The placement and size is free of choice unless otherwise specified or designed for a specific placement or size. If you want a flash design but different, I am happy to make a similar custom designed tattoo for you.

What is a custom tattoo?

A custom tattoo is a tattoo fully designed to your liking, within my style.

When will I receive my design?

Generally this will be the evening before, or the day of. We understand that this can be a little intimidating but if you trust your artist and likewise, everything will be alright! We will look at the design and size together during the appointment.

Do you do tattoo tests (to check for sensitivities or allergies)?

This is possible for a small fee for the materials used. If you have skin sensitivities or allergies that might interfere with tattoos, this might be something to consider. All ink used is vegan and REACH-compliant.

Do you tattoo using color?

I tattoo using only black most of the time, but sometimes color(ed accents) are possible depending on the design.

Do you do cover-ups?

You can always inquire to see if this is possible. But this really depends on the size and design you want covered up.  In some cases, it will not be possible within my style and I would refer you to another artist with a different style or a laser treatment might be a better option.

How can I pay after getting my tattoo?

You can pay with cash or with a mobile payment request. Make sure to bring your bank reader if you need it to make digital payments. We do not have a card reader available.

What placements do you not tattoo?

We do not tattoo the following placements:

What is the minimum size required for a tattoo?

This depends fully on the design and detailing. We will discuss this together, I will always advice a certain size with the best intentions in mind for healing and the tattoo looking good long term as well!

Do you offer retouches?

We offer one free retouch, if the artist agrees this is necessary! If you have followed the aftercare as described - and if you let us know within 6 weeks to 3 months of getting the tattoo.

The 6 week wait is necessary for the tattoo to fully heal, sometimes it can look different before this time and we cannot retouch a tattoo that is still healing.

There will be a fee charged for retouching your tattoo.

Tattoos will not heal 100% like a printed-out design on paper, there might be some small inconsistencies in lines, which is normal. Tattooing is handwork in the end, and every skin heals differently as well.

Do you use Second Skin as aftercare?

We do!

Your artist will always advise you on the best option for aftercare for your tattoo. Sometimes one or the other might be a better option.
We advise you to check for any sensitivity or allergies to bandaids and adhesive first.

If you notice any redness, irritation, itching, etcetera from the Second Skin: take it off as soon as possible (in the shower is easier), wash with a gentle PH-neutral soap and continue aftercare as described with the cling wrap foil method.

You can find further aftercare instructions under the "aftercare" tab.

What is the aftercare like?

You can find a detailed description of the aftercare here

Can I buy gift cards?

Absolutely! The gift cards are only digital, but you can print them out yourselves. You can order them by contacting us through the booking tab or emailing us at

Further gift card terms and conditions can be found here.

Do you tattoo over scars?

Yes! This is possible most of the time with scars that are a minimum of 1-2 years old.

I will also gladly work with any top surgery scarring, self-harm scars or otherwise.

An in person or extra consultation might be necessary to check the condition of the scars.

Do you tattoo with ashes?

We do not tattoo with any kind of ashes, human or pets.

This is, first and foremost, not legal.  As well as highly unhygienic, it can cause infections and other health risks.

If you want to get a memorial tattoo, I would advise you to think of something personal to you or use symbolism rather than ashes.