Floris (he/him) is a Dutch artist who grew up in the south of the Netherlands and is a cat dad of two. He grew up loving cartoons and video games and has been drawing since knowing how to pick up a pencil. These interests are recognizable in the themes and stylization of his work.

He decided to pursue his passion of creating and attended the art college of AKV St. Joost in Den Bosch as an illustration and animation student. Which also featured a minor in Game Design. He has since branched out into 3D art, animation and other media. During these college years his interests in tattoos grew, and he got the opportunity to start an apprenticeship near the end of his bachelors.

In 2023, Floris started developing his own business further and started his own private studio. With its' focus being on creating an open and accommodating space for everyone.



I advise you to check my portfolio first to check if I fit the style you want, as well as to see examples of finished works. 

I also have pre-made designs (flash) available on my Instagram highlights. Changes cannot be made to existing flash designs. Existing work can always be used as inspiration for custom works, though. So please send me stuff you like that I did, if you want something similar.



Let us know if you have any trouble getting to the studio. Check public transport or roadworks before for any disruptions. In case you show up late without any or enough notice, it could happen we don't have space anymore for you on that day. For no-shows - not showing up at all - the deposit is kept. There is more information about this in the FAQ and terms and conditions sections.

If you feel physically unwell or weird at any point in the tattoo, let us know as soon as possible so we can take a break or wait a bit.

We mostly use "second skin" - a type of aftercare that can stay on your skin for a few days. Plastic cling film is another option.


Follow the aftercare instructions you can find here. We might have given you a more condensed version of the aftercare verbally. 

Contact us if you have any questions about this.

As mentioned in the aftercare instructions:

The first 6 weeks after getting tattooed you should not be exposing your tattoo to the sun. Dirty or dusty places. Swimming, saunas, etcetera. Afterwards it is very important you still be careful with sun and UV damage. Use a high-factor sunscreen after healing.

After 6 weeks your tattoo should be fully healed. At this point you can see if there are spots that might need a retouch.

If you think this is the case: contact us with a photo of the tattoo in good lighting so I can check. Retouches are free if you let us know within 3 months of getting tattooed. Not showing up to a retouch appointment will require a fee to retouch your tattoo at a different date.

Photos of healed tattoos are always welcome! I like to feature healed work on my Instagram.

Tips for the photo: Let another person take the photo during the day, in a well-lit environment.


The house rules as well as the terms and conditions apply at all times.